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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Resin pendant necklace Real pressed wildflower by PenneeDesigns

Resin pendant necklace Real pressed wildflower by PenneeDesigns

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  1. My new fav thing to do is to create pendants with flowers that I have picked myself. When I read directions for doing this many of them said to microwave the flowers for one minute and then you could microwave them for another minute if needed to get all the moisture out.

    Well I became microwave happy and some flowers turned to dust after awhile.

    So now I am trying to pick the flowers and if they seem pretty dry I just put them on a paper towel and then lay another paper towel on top of the flowers. Then I carefully press them with the palm of my hand, (over the top paper towel).

    Then I leave them out for a couple days checking for moisture which will come out after few minutes after you press the flowers. I leave them out for another several hours and then check again. When I don't feel any moisture the final step is to put them in a phone book and press down, maybe putting something heavy on top of the phone book.

    I think using the microwave should only be done with flowers that have a lot of moisture to come out and make sure that you don't microwave them past the point that they have lost all their moisture or you will have burnt flowers on your hand.

    My new yellow flower bezel pendant was made with a flower I picked at some shopping center. There are plenty of flowers so don't worry....It's Florida. I don't know what it is and I have looked on the internet for it but so far - nothing. I'm going to keep looking because it is little branch with tiny yellow flowers

    Any new comments or questions would be welcomed!